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Local Radio Cars

We're powered by you

For over 30 years we've been the go to local taxi company for our community!

Established in the ’90s by its founder Terrence Williams, Local Radio Cars has been a family-run company ever since. 

In March 2022 Local was bought by Andy Williams, an experienced taxi expert who has proven skills in building community-focused businesses.

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Why choose us

A local taxi company you can trust

High standards

From first class phone staff to a friendly driver team. We plan to exceed in everyway possible.

Affordable fares

Our passenger and driver rates are competetivly priced, we'll never make money by ripping customers off. 

24/7 UK Call centre

Local passengers want to speak to Local staff, it's simple. We will never outsource our calls to foreign call centres/

100+ local drivers

Thanks to our excellent driver attitude we are growing rapidly.

Locally loved

We've got thousands of local passenegrs, and we'd love to add you to that list!

Community focused

We love our community. You'll often see us supporting local charities plus much more.

Our partners

Trusted by local businesses